Single Layer & Double Layer Wooden Letters

Select from our Oak Numbers, Alphabet, Greek Letters, and Symbols - Hearts and Stars in assorted Single Layered or Double Layered and Sizes. These easy to use peel and stick Letters are great to decorate a multitude of items such as Picture Frames, Wipe Off boards, Lap Boards etc...

Helpful decorating Tips from the Joe Toga Staff: Acrylic paint is best to use on these letters, which you can find at your local Hobby store. We found the easiest way to add some color without having to paint the whole paddle is to paint the tops of these letters. You can see an example in the Completed Examples in Buld-A-Paddle TM. Just take a small brush and apply several coats of acrylic paint on the tops of the Letters, Numbers, or Symbols.

Note: If you are making a full paddle with letters, crest etc... or are buying more than a few letters then we recommend visiting our Build-A-Paddle TM program (You are not required to purchase a paddle in order to purchase letters this way).

Single Layer & Double Layer  Wooden Letters

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Letter & Number Size:
Petite Single Layer (1/2") - $.59
Regular Single Layer (3/4") - $.69
Large Single Layer (1") - $.79
Jumbo Single Layer (1 1/2") - $.99
Regular Double Layer (3/4") - $1.29
Large Double Layer (1") - $1.59
Jumbo Double Layer (1 1/2') - $1.89
Giant Double Layer (3 1/2") - $4.09
Bubble Regular Single Layer (3/4") - $.69
Bubble Jumbo Single Layer (1") - $.99
Bubble Jumbo Double Layer (1 1/2") - $1.89
Numbers, Alphabet, and Greek Letters: