CUSTOM Greek Plaque

This Custom Greek Plaque is colored in your sorority colors and crest. The plaque measures 8.5 inches by 9.75 inches.

The Price includes a flat decal crest and up to 10 words of personalization on the front of the plaque. Wording is located in the top left hand corner and the bottom right hand corner. We use the latest digital direct printing technology for your wording in all capital letters and the Personal Names will be in a slightly bigger font. You can put personal names or write a message.

*The First 10 words or groups of numbers are free with the plaque. ** The set of 5 words or numbers 11-15 is $3.99 extra per set. After that each set of 5 words is $7.99.

Suggestions: TO / FROM, BIG SIS / LIL SIS, or BIG BRO / LIL BRO, your 2 first and last names, nicknames, the pledging semester and year, intiation date, intiation number, or pledge class name.

As you are filling in the blanks, place words in the order you would like them shown and please use "/" to indicate to us to start a new line on the finished plaque. If you don't use the "/" we will determine the best natural breaks. These "/" do not count as part of the 10 words.

Below is a 10 word & number example utilizing the first 10 Free words. Should you have more than 10 words or numbers groups continue filling in the next line for words and numbers 11- 15 counting every 5 words and using "/" for breaks:

TO BIG BRO/ BILL 12'/ FROM LIL BRO/ STEVE 13' The finished printing will appear like this:

CUSTOM Greek Plaque

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Code: CT-CGP

Shipping Weight: 2.00 pounds

Quantity in Basket: none

Price: $32.79

NPC and Pan-Hellenic Sororities:
First 10 Words Free:
Words 10-15-$3.99: