Greek Letter Fleece Blanket

We are unable at this time to do Greek Licensed groups.

If you have any questions about ordering, please feel free to contact us at 1-866-joe-toga!
This is a shop favorite! This light fleece blanket has your Greek letters in Block embroidered or Polytwill. These letters are placed diagonally in the lower left corner in your choice of thread or letter colors. This soft cuddly blanket in your color choice is whip stitched around the edges and is 60" X 50". A great gift for yourself or someone else!
Polytwill letters are $2 extra and Metallic colors are $3 extra.

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Shipping Weight: 0.90 pounds

Quantity in Basket: none

Price: $24.99

Fleece Blanket Colors:
  4" Polytwill Letters
  Embroidery Letters
Thread Colors:
Foreground Color:
Background Color:
First Letter:
Second Letter:
Third Letter: